January 5, 2016

A Little While In (Lyrics)

A couple cats have asked me to post lyrics to different joints along this journey so (finally) listening to the masses in 2016 – here’s a little something for you to listen to/read – Peace.


A LITTLE WHILE IN (by Visual Poetics)

In a little while…

There’ll be another gun tragedy

Cops’ll roll up on scene with everything but the cavalry

Later, a new President consoles grieving families

While the NRA kicks back and pleads insanity

Sounds crazy right? But that’s the new reality

People starving for action and we keep feeding em’ anarchy

(Go on and come after me)


In A Little While…

There’ll be rioters in the streets filled with unhappy civilians

Cause their holy men are so obsessed with talkin’ – they cannot listen

Right up to the point when you catch em slippin’

How many committed crimes that should land em in prison?

How many died cause their beliefs didn’t match the mission?

And its the same for Muslims, Jews, Catholic and Christians

But that’s a game that’s probably best left to the statisticians

I believe in a most high – guess I’m just anti-religion

Something sinister when ministers are living like rockstars

Padding their pockets for years and You still ain’t got far

That’s whether you hold rosary beads or you Allah-U-Akbar

In Roman cathedrals or the place where the mosques are

Flashing lights – go from cameras to squad cars

When the masses start turning and flipping off the top bar

No more running thru the forest blind

And that kind of thing’ll get you stuck like a porcupine

Nine to Fivers – going hard on that four-quarter grind

As their IRA shrinks like the California waterline

Where do we draw the line? Need to rethink your focus kid

Yall need to protest out where the shady loaners live

Capsizing the dream of home ownership

While the middle class gets caught out there like homelessness

And the crooks make off with seven figure bonuses

Call it out for bogusness and what, now I’m a Socialist?

(but I’ve been called worse – and I will again, in a little while)


I can’t speak any clearer…

That dude the cops shot looks like the one I used to see in the mirror

Another me reduced to a moment of silence

Another child singled out for their cultural alliance

The media spreads hate and fear like a cold or a virus

Politicians – claim ignorance of the notion of science

While pro-lifers condone the electric chair – Texas to Delaware –

Like no one’s ever been arrested unfair

Same ones screaming justice for everywhere

Won’t lift a finger to support universal medical care

Yall better prepare…

(Cause in a Little While – We Will Wake Up)


In a Little While…

We’ll forget about all the sadness and the loss

When my daughter comes in – asking me to feed her some applesauce

Later, we’ll hit the beach like David Hasslehoff

We’re going to turn these lights and these cameras off

Eventually, when the shouting stops and the fans don’t come around a lot

When the essence calls – saying its time to bounce from this spot

Either by natural causes or a thousand shots

I just hope I’m ready to meet my grandparents at the mountaintop

I’m getting all emotional now…

But feel more sorry for those of us that don’t know how

Been goin’ for a while, but hold on child

Still crossing oceans now with this old man style

If you’re progressive – you’re more than free to rock with me

But know this big homie – I don’t believe in mediocrity

I do believe its only we that’s stopping we

And my philosophy game could probably compete with Socrates

I’ll hear something soon to bring me back to Earth again

And I’ll just reup – start all over like First and Ten

And on that note, my Cleveland Browns will be superb again

What?…You heard me right – I said it

Flows kinetic – need no revision and no edits

If I put something on a track, then I probably don’t regret it

So go ahead and roll the credits…

Cause in a Little While – Its all gon’ be copacetic


March 7, 2015

Lyrics: The Pursuit of Happiness

Let me explain exactly what happened…

Act I

Boy went to School – Girl went to school

Boy thought she was cute – Girl though He was cool

And that was true – he was the Hip-Hop dude on campus

Moving stanzas like Picasso drew on a canvas

Both thrived in college – travelling different circles

She – a social butterfly – He – balled and spit the verbals

Still, they caught up on a regular – for deep conversations

It was the type of friendship where you don’t have to seek confirmation

Never, crossed any lines – ain’t no secrets there

But their bond grew deeper past the collegiate years

Cause…Boy had a steady – Girl had a steady

Both long term and solid but not really marriage ready

Now, sometimes fate moves players across the tapestry

Without an explanation – just a complicated strategy

Patience, my Dear…


March 7, 2015

Lyric Postings

From time to time, I’ll be posting different verses here so cats can go back, catch some hidden meaning or double entendre (yes, I said entendre…) or just vibe along – while I do realize this may be somewhat egotistical, its my website, so there.

Kidding.  But if you were ever wondering what I meant in that one part of that one verse and its been keeping you up at night, you can find it here – if you want me to post any lyrics, feel free to get at me and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Before I start though, please relax in this section only on the edits – I’m going to chalk most of them up to Poetics’ License (see what I did right there??) – and I know, sometimes the actual recording doesn’t match what’s on the page – you try fitting some of these thoughts into 2 bars at 96BPM…

Peace fam – thanks for reading.