March 7, 2015

Lyrics: The Pursuit of Happiness

Let me explain exactly what happened…

Act I

Boy went to School – Girl went to school

Boy thought she was cute – Girl though He was cool

And that was true – he was the Hip-Hop dude on campus

Moving stanzas like Picasso drew on a canvas

Both thrived in college – travelling different circles

She – a social butterfly – He – balled and spit the verbals

Still, they caught up on a regular – for deep conversations

It was the type of friendship where you don’t have to seek confirmation

Never, crossed any lines – ain’t no secrets there

But their bond grew deeper past the collegiate years

Cause…Boy had a steady – Girl had a steady

Both long term and solid but not really marriage ready

Now, sometimes fate moves players across the tapestry

Without an explanation – just a complicated strategy

Patience, my Dear…

Act II

He made the first move – She tried to duck behind the friendship

Boy, too relentless – breaks thru Girl’s defenses

(He told her) Friendship is forever if the bond real strong

And what’s more better than a solid foundation, to build on

For a yearlong, kept their Thing below the radar

Some suspect – but don’t really know how close they are

Then both start feeling something different grow into position

Boy smiles to himself cause he knew it from the beginning

Couple years pass and their Thing is carrying weight

Sometimes the flavor’s right but it just needs to marinate


5 years later, time to get this thing poppin’

Boy nervous in the City behind a counter ring shoppin’

Returned to the scene of the crime to pop the question

One day after, asking her parents for their blessin’

Girl gave his hand a squeeze, said yes, but please

Get up Boy – I never want to see you on your knees

And these – are the memories that hold a man like this

True companionship – The Pursuit of Happiness


I know exactly who I am when I’m blessing these mics

A sketch for yall – wrecking ball when it comes to stereotypes

I don’t give a damn what the world thinks – this is my time Black

Those the same people that point fingers and laugh behind backs


Divide along the lines of race, creed or expectations

Even though eventually, we all reach the same destination

I’ll continue to spit my piece, with my dudes from Little E

And sparks still fly whenever Brooklyn meets the Middle East

We done built our little castle in front of the whole wide world

Just me, and my beautiful Brown Eyed Girl

Yeah, I’m much older now but still drop a powerful anthem

Still brown and handsome – and that’s from now til’ our grandsons

Come by the crib to see We – running around freely

As I’m leaning on your shoulder – drifting in front of the TV

Or sittin’ up playing Scrabble with my best friend and lover

Thinking about renaming this song – How I met Your Mother

That’s right – your boy Vis is more than just the father of the venue

Let the games begin – and may your Pursuits continue…